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September 29, 2009

gay guys in high heels

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Today was amazingly uneventful. I woke up freakishly early, and was too tired to go back to sleep, if that makes sense. I just kind of lay around till I had to make my daily journey to my bus stop. HOWEVER.

I did sight the elusive gay-guy-in-high-heels. This isn’t any regular gay guy in skinny jeans. He was in designer high heels, glamorous sunglasses perched on his upturned nose, with a paris bag with LOVE written in pink letters plastered to one side. Add the skinny jeans, and heads will turn. One of these heads was mine, which took several turns to take in the full picture. At one point, I’m pretty sure I was staring. 

I know that high school should be about being yourself… but sometimes, ‘being yourself’ isn’t always the best for yourself. I mean, really. One day, he will get beat up by some tough guys. I was surprised to learn that he does ride my bus, while guys were already throwing threats at him. He shook these off easily, and stalked off the bus in an amazingly practiced cat-walk. Seriously. Not even a wobble on his stilettos. I commend him for his talent.

Among other things, I did fall on a guy I’ve liked for a relatively long time. In case you wanted to know, it was both enjoyable and embarrassing when he was able to catch me. I don’t fall for those regular hot guys. They’re okay. I like the silent and slightly tall types. The ones that look intimidating but really aren’t. 

I’ve also discovered my new addiction to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I swear, they are a gift from the gods. And definitely not as fatty as the regular Cheetos.

I’m debating whether or not I should share my friends with my maybe-non-existent audience. New names, of course. Just in case one of my friends happens across this blog. Small chance, but hey, anything can happen. We’ll see how this goes.


  1. Gay guys are so much fun. They love to dance! (usually). Too bad I don’t see many gay kids around my homophobic school. They’re really fun to hang out with.

    Comment by corcey — September 29, 2009 @ 11:21 pm | Reply

    • Its crazy how they turn out to be really good dancers. Maybe its the breakdancing from the guy side, and the gracefulness of a girl combined. Who knows?
      Same for me. When I see a gay guy, its always a surprise. Then again, broadcasting to the world that you’re gay isn’t ever the safest thing to do.

      Comment by thatnerdygirl — September 30, 2009 @ 5:27 pm | Reply

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